Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things around town

Some interesting things we came across in Québec City.  Click on photos for larger, sometimes tastier views. 

Fries + Brown Gravy + Cheese Curds = Poutine

Canadian Chip Treat

French Fries on Demand

Thanks and See you soon!
The Joyous Carrot
Instead of  la pharmacie
Can you guess the name of the bird?

Train Tickets
Quebec License Plate with motto
How would you like your bread?
How hungry are you?

Highlights from Québec City

Below are some photos from our trip to Québec City, Québec in Canada.  Click on photos for larger view.

Bétis The 10th:  Mascot of the 22nd Infantry

English Guard...because Canada is a Commonwealth of England.

Hotel Frontenac from Terrasse Dufferin

Hotel Frontenac from Basse-Ville (Lower Town)

Wall fortification around Vielle Ville (Old Town)

City Motto:  Je me souviens. = I remember.

La Chute Montmorency: Higher than Niagara Falls!

La Chute Montmorency
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