Helpful Websites

Click on websites below!

Mobile Apps
Duolingo - *Free - Apple & Android

Online Learning
French I Tutorials-includes videos and mp3s

French-English Dictionary- to look up French words
French Language Guide w/pictures!-improve French vocab
Basic French Vocabulary-more French vocab
BBC Language Learning Guide-language videos and activities

Pronunciation - Pronunciation by Real French People!
Text to Speech- choose French Voice, type French Word, then click 'Say it'
Google Translate-search to hear the French pronunciation

Accent marks
How to type Accent Marks- How do you do this: é ?
Copy accent marks- Type what you want then copy and paste International Keyboard Codes-to change your keyboard layout

Online French Games
Flash cards and Review Game-Study a set of vocab then play game
Quizlet-Study or play a game
Online Games-online games listed by subject
French Vocabulary Rice Game- French vocab game
French Online Games- French games
More French Games-play French games

Short Travel Videos-watch travel videos
Travel Videos of France -watch videos about France
Great Videos on All Subjects-videos on many subjects

French TV
France 24 - Live Streaming of French News

French Radio
French Radio, click 'écouter rfi'-listen to French Radio

French Newspapers
Newspapers of the World-see front pages from around the world French Newspapers-newspapers with easy English translations